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January 28, 2008


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Will Russell MD

Studies looking at patients who pursue alternative medicines show them to be on the whole, educated and to be "hedging their bets" by adding alternative treatments to conventional treatments. In the case of mind-body healing, which I consider complementary, almost all my patients pursue this. Whether by prayer, meditation or visualization. I believe this is a significant part of the coping and healing process and encourages my patients to openly discuss what they are doing with the staff and me.
In the case of prayer, there are a few studies that showed improved outcomes. One involved southern California heart patients who were prayed for without their knowledge but most involved participation.
After all, the journey is as important as the destination.


Dear Dr. Russell,
Thank you for your comments. I especially appreciate that you encourage open communication about everything your patients are doing (or not doing) in hopes of encouraging their physical and emotional healing.
With hope,

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