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October 21, 2009


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Dina Shahrokhi

I just loved the Conversation 2008 section of your blog this morning. I feel so inspired reading about you how worked so hard to be positive with your children during such difficult times. I have recently been reading a lot about the Palestinian doctor, Dr. Abuelaish, whose 3 daughters and 1 niece was killed in his own home despite his tireless efforts to work with Israelis and Palestinians for peace. Well, this Dr. turned his sorrow into a message of the need for love and hope and better things to come, and he had been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his commitment to peace in the Middle East. People like Dr. Abuelaish and you make me think "if people with such a hard life can see the light in their situation, I can definitely put this 'bad day' into perspective and try to make it better." So thank you for the inspirational message, and for your continuous lessons of hope and optimism.

Wendy S. Harpham, MD

Dear Dina,

Reading your comment made the hair on my arms stand up. The reasons I can do what I do include having so many inspirational role models and having the generous support of family, friends and colleagues.

Good begets good.
With hope, Wendy

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