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March 11, 2010


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Joni Rodgers

Yes! Thanks for this, Wendy. My sister hired a house cleaner for me when I was in chemo -- meaningful, practical, life-changing help. I've included Cleaning for a Reason in the charities among whom I divvy up my tithe. I know for a fact my donation is making a huge difference in someone's life.

Carolyn Scott Kortge

Thanks for agreeing that cancer is not a "gift!" My position is that, yes, there are definitely good things that have come to me through my encounter with cancer, but they are "earned benefits," not gifts. They demand courage and vulnerability. So I appreciate your refusal to dismiss those positive outcomes as "gifts." Keep up the good writing!

Beverly Broman

Beautiful poem!!!

Lori Hope

Wonderful poem, Wendy! Thank you for linking to it again, and thanks for the reminder about Cleaning for a Reason - have been meaning to blog about it for a while!

Lisa E.

When the publicity on this group first came out, I got several emails from friends encouraging me to use this service. My husband took a family medical leave and did most of the household chores during my five months of chemo. I hope that people who are on their own with limited resources and really need housecleaning help have access to this service, not people taking advantage of "free" stuff trying to "win" a spot at noon. Perhaps the awareness of Cleaning for a Reason inspires friends to offer help to chemo patient directly by actually cleaning, helping with shopping, etc., or by paying for a service (not necessarily this one) to help.

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