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April 11, 2010


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I had no idea palliative care and hospice care were different and I do not think I am alone (I am a survivor, caregiver and hospital worker)
I also am not sure that the distinction you state (a good one) is generally known and accepted

Nancy Moody

Wendy, Deb Khoury came over for a picnic lunch at my house today and told me about today's blog on Palliative Care. She knows that I recently contacted hospice following some challenging times with a sinus infection and decreasing church support. It was the assistant minister at my church who walked past my book on my dresser (I had yet to open) called Dying to Know (written by the hospice nurse presenter at this past Miraval retreat. God works in mysterious ways. Once I started coming out of my passive weakness I started actually reading the materials hospice left for me following the administrative visit. I noticed the word palliative care and started inquiring with them about this. I had already told my doctor I wanted to stop treatment as I thought this was my only option in working with hospice. I loved the special attention I was getting rather than the overwhelmed burned out oncology nurses. They are not sure I can get this level of support in my county. They are exploring my options and determining if treatment is considered treatment vs. palliative. Since I know I am not "curable" due to my bone metastesis news over 2 years ago, I thought I had been in palliative since then anyway. I figured out that it was okay that I had started to say good-bye to friends and family and that I could now say "I'm back!". I look forward to more conversation on this as I explore how hospice and palliative may fit.

Nancy Moody

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