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November 16, 2010


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Lisa Escaloni

Be sure to include in your list your wonderful attributes like a positive attitude, medical background, supportive family, wanting to raise your children into adulthood (grandchildren someday!), as well as your willingness to help others.

Polly Leshan

I am grateful it IS you, and I hope you go right on being a healthy survivor.


This is a fascinating area that deserves more research. My oncologist told me that women with BRCA mutations--which makes us far more likely than most women to develop ovarian cancer--tend to survive longer after diagnosis, but no one knows why.

Jonnie Hickman

I think that is a wonderful idea. I have signed up to donate my body to Indiana University for research when I'm gone. I'm about 9 months from the estimated time line that I was given at diagnosis and it has been a mixed blessing. I agree with Lisa's comment about the positive attitude. The mind/body connection is key. You have an unhealthy mind....your body doesn't have a chance. Thank You!

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