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February 16, 2012


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Jan Baird Hasak

This applies to other situations besides cancer--any time uncertainty creates chaos in our lives and leaves emotional turmoil in its wake. Thanks for this series.

Bill Kleine

I really like the way you counterbalance uncertainty with hope. It is not hope that is irrational, but certainty. Hope embraces possibility where certainty denies it. Each day is so full of opportunites to experience joy. Hope simply the disposition to see these clearly.

When Dick Bloch was first diagnosed [H&R Block] the doctor pronounced him dead. It nearly killed him. He then found a doctor who focused on what could be done. I remember a letter he sent to a prominent medical journal in rebuttal of an article about the cruelty of false hope. Dick was no fool; he saw many good people die of cancer. But he was adament that hope, in whatever form circumstances dictate, is the only way to live.

Dick spent the next many years of his life inspiring hope in people though his Foundation, the survivor parks he and his wife built all over the country, National Cancer Survivor's Day, but most impressively person to person with countless cancer patients. His office remained at the H&R Block World Headquarters, but his phone answered the Cancer Hotline.

Wendy S. Harpham, MD

Dear Bill,
Thanks for your comments and for bringing up Dick Block.

In the early 1990s Block's book was one of the first I read, leading me to the concept of a Healthy Survivor. His message rings as true today as it did then.

With hope, Wendy

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