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December 19, 2012


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Thank you for articulating what I believe many of us are feeling, particularly with regard to 24/7 media coverage driven to fill timeslots. And thanks for the reminder about embracing what brings us joy each day.

Bill Kleine

As I write on December the 21st I am reminded that each day the world ends for many. A few of them we even hear about. I did not follow the tragedies of those unknown innocents, but the story did break my heart. One of my sisters, having ran so many Code Red's with her elementary school classes, was struck by the adults who died. You see, if you are not a teacher, your job is to search the school for children who are not safe--to deliberately put yourself in harm's way. To her that is the essence of courage. A healthy survivor of life does just that. We do not run from the realities that face us, we calmly walk to them and face them, winning even if we seem lose.

Wendy S. Harpham, MD

Dear Bill,

I have printed out your comment to re-read many times.

Thank you for these beautiful words about the courage required to be a Healthy Survivor and about the perspective that triumph is measured not by HOW LONG we live but by HOW we live.

With respect and hope, Wendy

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