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April 17, 2013


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Bill Kleine

Anyone with a dog knows emotions are automatic. We are blessed with the capacity to act, rather than simply react. It is key to recognize the emotion and then create it into something else with the mind. So, too, it is with the "terrorists" within me. I cannot wipe them out, but neither can I let them circumscribe this life I love so much...

Anne Ambrose

What happened is the work of someone evil who does not have any moral fiber. It was so sad to read of three that died plus the others who sustained life altering injuries. Think of all the brave citizens trained and otherwise, who jumped in to help save so many lives. They risked their lives to help. That is what we have to remember. There are so many good people among us. We just have to be alert and when you see something suspicious report it.


I'm a Bostonian. We are not afraid. We are pissed off.

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