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May 07, 2013


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Bill Kleine

The playground is a great analogy. Those I have known who grasped lightly, but with joy let go freely with that same joy. Those who held on tightly never were able to loosen their grasp, and so pursued treatments that did much more harm than good. In those I sensed no freedom of joy--just grim determination. A hard way to live giving rise to the sentiment "it's a hard life." I look at the spring and can only see joy. That does not mean I do not suffer what is hard even in the midst of the flower's delicate scents, but that I do not hold tightly to my pain, letting it instead wash over me when it comes, much as I heard you describe "that terrible time." Perhaps it is more an issue of will than instinct.

Wendy S. Harpham, MD

Dear Bill,

Sorry I was unclear: When I suggested that instincts play a role in letting go, I meant that we should look at instincts and how we respond to them--and not that instincts guide us to Healthy Survivorship.

Let me know if that clarifies my point.

With hope, Wendy

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