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August 14, 2013


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Bill Kleine

It is my belief people should fear cancer. I hated the commercials by the American Cancer Society showing happy crowds of people celebrating that "we're almost there!" in the fight, just send us a few more dollars... A minor colonoscopy snips out a polop; a office visit cuts off an irregular mole... Having watched people die of colon cancer and melanoma I "get into people's face" about it. The easiest cancer related procedure I've ever had was a colonoscopy. And each time they found and killed an irregular growth. Sitting at the bottom of a red pail I have no doubt they'll never become malignant.


Maybe some people would take better care of themselves if they heard the word, "cancer." The wording could based on the person's lifestyle choices. IDLE? Explaining the acronym could take a good chunk of the appointment time!

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