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October 11, 2013


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Bill Kleine

It is inevitable our world will one day have medicine dispensed by a "doc in the box". I work all over the country and it is becoming commonplace for much Tx & Rx to be done by NP's and PA's; it will be a small step to have a different set of initials type in the Sx's into an IBM. Powerful algorithms may even improve overall statistical outcomes and save lives that are currently lost... But such "care" will never supplant the desire to heal that seems to be at the core of those who go through the enormous sacrifices required to become doctors [NP's and PA's]. I believe healers will continue to do just that. Most doctors I know, first as folks, struggle with the tensions of time demands; my hope lays in the fact that there is a struggle at all. Wouldn't it be "easier" to get on to the next customer than wake in the middle of the night worried about Steve? ...who wants easier?

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