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January 25, 2016


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Deb Konrad

Wendy, I have yet to read this, and quite honestly don't think I will after reviews I have read and some excerpts from the book. As a cancer survivor, It may have more to do with me being in a place where I don't think it serves me as a healthy survivor to read about other peoples experiences. It makes me feel like I am teetering on the fence...the one that separates my life with cancer and the world where I do not want to always be thinking about it...finding that balance is a challenge....When I was first diagnosed, someone gave me Lance Armstrong's book to read to " give me hope" I never got through the book because I just could not relate to his story, my story is my individuals, the so called generalities of cancer do not apply, even when 2 people have the same diagnosis..biology makes the cancer behave differently in each of us. And nowadays, when I have the energy to read,I would rather be reading for enjoyment... I some times wonder how you are able to read some of the stories and not become completely overwhelmed.

Wendy S. Harpham, M.D.

Dear Deb,
You are talking like a Healthy Survivor who knows when something is counterproductive. Good for you!

In past posts I shared that I could not watch certain popular movies or read certain popular books, because they were not good for me at the time. I stopped going to support group when it was hurting more than helping me, keeping me in that zone more than I needed to be.

Healthy Survivorship is defined by a dynamic and unique path for each person.

What I try to do in this blog is help patients know what's out there and figure out what is healing FOR THEM and what is harmful FOR THEM at each point in time.

Keeping cancer as far out of your life as possible so you can focus on entertaining and joyful endeavors sounds like a perfectly healthy, life-enhancing approach (as long as you are getting good care).

As for me, I do this work as a physician trying to help others. I don't feel dragged down. If I were facing another recurrence, I might feel differently about this blogging.

Thanks for showing readers how to be a Healthy Survivor!

with respect and hope, Wendy

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