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March 25, 2008


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Len Zwelling


Amen! This works for those of us with other non-malignant but chronic and life-threatening conditions as well. Just been through it and this thinking helps! Best--Len Z


As you point out so clearly, Healthy Survivorship is not limited to cancer survivors. Almost every idea, mantra and piece of advice I offer on this blog applies equally well to people dealing with any ongoing or potential medical challenge.

The essence of Healthy Survivorship is the ability to live well in an uncertain world. Healthy Survivorship is about making life the best it can be and then accepting what is. It is about embracing life, whatever the circumstances, and finding happiness today while hoping for a better tomorrow.

I really mean it when I say to you, "Wishing you a good day today and every day."
with hope, Wendy

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