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July 07, 2009


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I am so comforted to read that others have fatigue issues. As long as I pace myself it does not become an issue, but the pacing itself can be an issue when those close to me forget that I am not trying to avoid them or something. I just need more frequent rest than I did before treatment.

This is a small side effect in the grand scheme of things (so many people are in constant pain or never stop treatment), but it can be annoying to constantly restate my need for pacing to those in my immediate family. I have lost my temper more than once over it. Then I try to remember what the husband of another patient told me: "Everyday on this side of the grass is a good day."

Congratulations on your daughter's engagement. Three years ago, I did not think I would see my children through kindergarten. Now I have been disease free for almost two years.

Your writings are very helpful.

Wendy S. Harpham, M.D.

Dear Cathy,

So glad to hear this helps. You might be interested in an essay entitled, "Resolving the Frustration of Fatigue." It can be found online at:

email me if you have trouble with the link. With hope, Wendy

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