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February 22, 2010


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Susan (WhyMommy)

True -- my husband didn't let on how hard it was for him until my treatment was over. It was a surprise to me -- and I'm embarrassed about that.

Kelli Beers

I just read your articole "Love and Compassion" in Oncology Times. I am an Oncology Nurse and it can be hurtful to "love" your patient. I work at an extremely small practice. We see approx 30 patients per week. I live in a small community and treat friend, family and neighbors. By the end of treatment, however, everyone is family. I like the fact that you quoted Corinthians regarding love. We cannot love like God, but we can aspire to have that kind of love for our patients. Thank you for putting into words what is so true in a caregiver/patient relationship.

Wendy S. Harpham, MD

Thank you, (nurse) Kelli.

For other bloggers who might like to read the piece, it can be found at:

With hope, Wendy

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