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November 21, 2010


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Carolyn Scott Kortge

Thanks, Wendy. So happy you are reading "Healing Walks" and finding inspiration to expand thoughts about walking. As one healthy survivor to another, walking has been a vital path of healing for me--literally, a way of moving forward in life, one step at a time. So glad that those steps led to contact with you.

Kay Porter

Thanks, Wendy! Carolyn's new book is wonderful and I'm glad you are reading it. The Spirited Walker is also a classic.
I have happily known Carolyn for many years as a friend and colleague.
With her permission, we named our marathon walking group in Eugene,
the Spirited Walkers. We started in 2000 and wanted to name the group in her honor, when she was recovering from breast cancer. She speaks to our group every year and is an entertaining speaker.
I also have a book, THE MENTAL ATHLETE, which is an applied sport psychology book for athletes of all ages and sports. If you would like more info about it, please let me know. My website is currently being redone so it's not up right now.
Take good care and happy Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be grateful for!
Kay Porter, Ph.D.
Eugene, OR


I would heartily endorse the notion of healing walks, with the optional addition of a canine companion to boost the therapeutic value of walking even more! Dogs add a "let's see what's over here" spontaneous element that engages you with the world in a totally different way.
And following the walk, nothing beats a nap with your dog friend...


What a great book. I took a lot of walks after I had ovarian cancer at the age of 25. It helped me sort out all of the changes it brought into my life, especially going from trying to get pregnant to knowing I never could. There was also the worry of survival for a few years.
I am grateful to be alive and haven't been taking advantage of the ability to take walks lately, thanks for bringing purposeful walking to mind. I plan to start taking walks.
FYI: One big lesson I learned from this experience was to encourage women not to ignore unexplained symptoms. I had a brief episode of pain that I could have ignored. It was the critical moment of my life to get it checked out. Even though the pain had passed, I kept a GYN appt I had made. If I had not listened to the small voice that said go anyway, I wouldn't be 57 years old and writing this comment. My appendix was slightly involved and gave me the sign that something was wrong.
I am grateful to be here to take that walk tomorrow morning.

Wendy S. Harpham, MD

Thank you for sharing your experience and lessons learned. With hope, Wendy

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