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January 06, 2011


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What an interesting idea. I think I'll try looking at my chronic insomnia as sacrificing the ability to get a good night's sleep for the sake of surviving my cancer instead of as a long-term side effect of chemo and see if that change in perspective makes it less distressing for me.

Wendy S. Harpham, M.D.

Dear Finn,
Reframing losses as sacrifices is healing. But also make sure the sacrifice is absolutely necessary.

Adequate good-quality sleep is an essential element of healing.

Sleep disorders during and following chemotherapy are common. If you can't get relief from your current physicians and high-quality self-help books (such as No More Sleepless Nights), I urge you to ask for referral to a sleep specialist.

With hope, Wendy


Thanks, Wendy. My internist and I have been working on this problem for 5 years, using a variety of approaches, but the only one that gives me a good night's sleep is drugs, which I use 3 nights a week. When one stops working (usually after about a year), I switch to another. I won't use them every night or increase the dose; I just wish I didn't need them at all.

But I will ask if a sleep specialist would be helpful, given the results of my recent sleep study.

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