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January 14, 2011


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Ronni Gordon

Dear Wendy,

Drawing long-term conclusions from quitting after one mile does not sound like you. This is the kind of beating oneself up that you are so good at counseling other people not to do. If you stop after one mile, it probably means that you just don't have it that day, not that you are a wimp. Of course I understand the tendency to draw all sorts of conclusions from a bad or abbreviated run myself!

Jonnie Hickman

Thank you again Dr Wendy. I am so grateful to find this entry tonight, as I'm still in decsion mode about Hospice or more treatments. Yes, treatment will further my time on this planet, but at what cost? I encouraged two young women in my support group to do treatment if that was what they wanted because not doing treatment means certain death. I love life, but I am so tired of fighting. I fight not only cancer but everything and everyone in this part of my life. Some religions believe that quiting your treatment is a form of suicide. You can't make people understand, but I feel a cancer journey being told is education and a start. Thank you again.


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