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March 28, 2011


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I'm not overweight but I think your approach would work with me. The only time I've intentionally lost weight it was to improve my race time and help me jump a little higher in tae kwon do.

I'm curious; how well did this approach work with your patients?

Wendy S. Harpham, M.D.

Patient's success varied. Some did very well, achieving goal weight and maintaining it. Those were joyful visits. These patients almost always adopted healthier lifestyle changes in many spheres, e.g., exercising, pursuing hobbies, etc.

Many patients improved, but didn't achieve goal weight before I retired (even if we'd been working on it for years).

Sadly, a few patients never improved or they continued to gain.

Hope this helps, Wendy

Donna M

If only more physicians took your caring approach to the subject of obvious overweight in a patient. Most MD's and other health professionals assume you, of course, KNOW that you need to lose weight, and are just not ready or able to do it. They may say "you need to lose weight." But your explanation of the benefits to the insides of the body, and the activities one will be able to do I have never personally encountered an MD address with me (and I was overweight my entire life). Kudos to you, and may others who read your blog get the hint!

Jan Hasak

This is so true. Obesity will soon overtake cancer treatment as the leading cause of lymphedema, I learned recently from some National Lymphedema Network experts. That's another angle to motivate the patient: lose weight to keep the swelling from becoming permanent and possibly life-threatening. My hope is that more doctors will take your caring stance on this serious lifestyle epidemic in the U.S.

Krout Etheridge

This post is very informative. It's a great help. Thanks for sharing!

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