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April 19, 2011


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Jan Hasak

Thank you for this series of posts. It is important not to self-stigmatize. Sometimes we survivors do it without realizing it, wondering why our outlook on life is not improving. To heal, I chose to look beyond my own struggles and tend to those of others. That way I wouldn't focus on self.

Jonnie Hickman

When I was first diagnosed, I was over-whelmed with information. I went up to Mayo Clinic in MN by myself to do treatment.I had never had a patient with a blood cancer before. I felt confused and lost. My oncologist there suggested that I enter a house kind of like Ronald McDonald's house for kids. I said, "NO WAY!" I left MN with a death date after being there six weeks without that first treatment.

I did the same thing about joining a local support group. I didn't want to but so glad I did. I met some amazing people who were walking on a similar path. They invited me to Camp Bluebird and I said, "There is no way I am going out of town, with strangers to a camp to talk about cancer and be depressed." Boy was I wrong about these thoughts. Learned a lot. Met more wonderful people. It was a beautiful experience.

On the last day, they give an award to the Outstanding Camper. Everyone votes on the most friendly, most participation, most helpful and the most hopeful. They called my name 3 times before I realized they were saying my name.

For someone who 2 months earlier just wanting to die, I made an impact on some folks. I hung the award by my door so I would see what God wanted from me each time I went outside.

I'm betting that the Cancer House (my title for it) wasn't at all the way I pictured it. Didn't even give it a chance.

Bless you Dr Wendy!

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