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May 11, 2011


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Felicity Lenes

I'm so glad to know this exists as I head in to third year of medical school and start assuming a role on medical teams that will likely diagnose and certainly treat individuals with cancer. Thank you!

Lori Hope

Thank you for posting this. I'm always amazed (and saddened) at how little information is presented to the newly diagnosed by their doctors. When a patient receives a diagnosis, he or she should be handed a card with a link to or the toolkit itself, with words said kindly, "You are not alone. Many have walked this path before you."

Jonnie Hickman

Thank you Dr Wendy. I said something similar the other day. When they said to me, YOU HAVE CANCER, I didn't immediately know all there was to know to handle it. A newly diagnosed patient is so over-whelmed and frightened most the time that they really can't handle it. And then they hand you a schedule of tests and treatments that also adds t your confusion. Friends and Family thought that I had it all figured out and was supposed to be able to teach them. I tried to quit before I started treatment and I am a nurse. Now when someone says, "I don't know what I am supposed to say." My reply is, "Say anything, I don't know what to say either." Thank you. This tool kit IS helpful.

Jonnie Hickman

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