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September 14, 2011


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This is another reason that the top statement people with cancer want others to know is "I need to laugh. . .", according to the new survey I conducted of more than 600 survivors. Thanks for spreading the word about this.

And please, if you have any suggested resources to help people with cancer laugh, post them on my new webpage of laughter resources.

Lori Hope

Jonnie Hickman

Last year for our "Light the Night" walk to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Societies mission to cure the world of blood my team and I hosted a comedy night with 3 comedy troupes. My idea was based on exactly what you have written here. The event was named..."Laughing Out Cancer."

Jan Hasak

Therapeutic merriment is what I call it. Or gelotology, the study of humor. Thanks for the reminder of this groundbreaking study.

Ronni Gordon

We're on the same page with this one. Wrote about it on my blog today. Yes, it sure feels good to laugh...laughter through pain, etc.


laughter is the best meds. lock yourself in a room and laugh it will do your body good. People need to smile. Great article, ty.


Laughter is one of the most amazing remedies available. I beleive there is so much we dont know about the healing properties we get from feeling good. To be honest its usually people carrying alot of pain and anger with them that end up getting awful diseases. Positivity is so important!

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