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October 13, 2011


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Suzanne Doonan

I have a bit of knowledge on what constitues a screening test and their benefits from a public health point of view. That being said, I understand this conversation and the recommendations and guidelines. I'm struggling a bit with this one as my husband was diagnosed with prostate CA (Gleason 9) 6 years ago; he was 52 years old. He had a radical prostatectomy, 34 radiation treatments, and 8 mos of Lupron. After 3-4 years he had a detectable PSA which was very low and stable until recently. He has restarted Lupron and is in the early stages of treatment for metastatic disease. Although he did not get a cure, I'm certain that he would not be alive today had he not had PSA testing. Additonally, he has had a very good quality of life up to this point.

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