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October 14, 2011


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Jonnie Hickman

Thank you Dr Wendy, I will check out the book. Decision making time is very difficult for me too. The question that I have been asking myself lately is, "Do I want to continue to do treatment so I can continue to do treatment?" Quality vs Quantity rears it's ugly head. It is always an internal struggle. I announce what it is I'm going to do before I decide and then when I change my mind, everyone is confused. I don't even waste time trying to clarify anymore. I'm the captain of m y medical team, as it should be, but I feel I'm not educated enough to make my decisions. I want to control my health care and make the decisions, but I don't want to make life or death choices. What if they find the cure 10 minutes after I quit and die?

Jan Hasak

This book looks to be a thoughtful read based on your review.

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