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December 07, 2011


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Carol Ann Rice Rafferty

God Bless you Dr. Wendy ;~)

Take care of yourself,take care of your mom !!!

I was a caretaker for my parents also. Cherish this time you spend with your mom.

Thank you for letting us know what changed.


Barbara Christenson

It's great that you're taking care of yourself in this difficult situation. Thanks for setting such a good example. -- Barbara

Jeanne M. Hannah

Wendy, please know that all of your readers (I am presumptuous, I suppose, but not wrong, I think)understand and that our hearts and prayers are with you.


Deb Konrad

Wendy you are such an inspiration to us all...enjoy the time with your mom!


You have such a great attitude and this blog post reminds us that it's okay to say no or "no, not now." With the holidays approaching, post-treatment survivors with demands placed upon them can play "the cancer card" when not feeling up to the task at hand. Even non-survivors order pre-made holiday meals and go to restaurants! Wendy, I hope you can take time for yourself amidst the chaos of the holiday season while being a caregiver. Thanks for letting your virtual friends know what's going on. Be well.

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