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January 18, 2012


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Kyle Murphy

My wife recently had back surgery for the 1st time. Almost 3 months later, the pain and pain killing medication has not subsided and her chiropractor is giving her completely conflicting opinions about the nature of her back injury. There is a strong division of trust and loyalty between the two, I think it would have been nice if we had been told what we are now learning BEFORE the surgery.

Wendy S. Harpham, MD

Dear Kyle,

I can't offer medical advice, but I can understand your being upset by your wife's ongoing post-surgical pain -- both your being unprepared for it as well as your having to see your wife in pain, with all the losses that entails.

In situations like these I have found it extremely helpful -- sometimes vital -- to obtain a second opinion about the current situation. In general, it is best if the consulting physician has no connection to the surgeon.

In the meantime, you might do well to seek the services of a palliative care specialist - a physician whose specialty is minimizing patient' pain.

With wishes and hope for your wife's healing, Wendy

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