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March 27, 2012


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Andrea Gauthier

Wendy, I love that last sentence. I think we need to acknowledge ourselves for the efforts we make to be Healthy Survivors. It does require intention and determination but it is so worthwhile. Compassion and kindness towards self every step of the way. In appreciation, Andrea

Jan Baird Hasak

These principles can be applied to anyone suffering from depression or a major life crisis, whether health-related or otherwise. When I went through my possessions gathered over a lifetime, I kept and discarded things involving former hobbies based on whether the activities would now bring me joy. That decision-making really helped me through my latest crisis. Thanks.

Jules O'hara

I am happy that more and more people in the medical field and in clinical trials, are recognizing the direct and absolute connection between our mental state and how well our bodies function.

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