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August 05, 2012


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Jan Baird Hasak

I know a young mother who left behind two small boys. She made a little children's book for them with pictures from her life and inspirational sayings. The boys, now in college, treasure that book more than anything. xx

Marcy Heinrichs

My daughter-in-law has a malignant brain tumor and has 3-year-old twins. I'm going to keep this on hand.

Jeanne M. Hannah

I read this blog post and the linked article a few days ago. Last night I happened to watch a movie on TV. I wish I could think of the name of it. It was about young parents with a preemie (23 weeks gestation). They bonded with her at the hospital and finally brought her home after 6 months in the NICU.

Then Mom's cancer recurred--metastacized in her lungs--incurable. The neonatal nurse who helped the couple through the 6 months of critical care suggested to Mom that she write letters to her child to open on landmark days such as birthdays, graduation, wedding.

What a fabulous idea. I also like Jan's suggestion about a memory book. Not only will the preparation of these help the children in the future, but it seems to me that Mom benefits by moving through her stages grieving her own losses.

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