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July 14, 2013


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Bill Kleine

Most folks I know are very interested if something dramatic is going on, but do not want to hear about the stuff of slowly declining health, so they don't. I am not "fine" to my friends at Gilda's Club, nor am I whine. We are wine to each other; we understand stuff like the fatigue caused by the cancer itself; we offer solace to the grief of loss caused by our inability to do what we used to do with ease; we en-courage each other to the fullness of what we still can do. That hour and a half each week is a sacred time when I don't have to be "fine". My wife and my little sister really want to know whatever I feel and so I don't filter it for them either. I can be discouraged, tired, hopeful, joyful, sad and a myriad of other things jumbled into "me" all at once with these two and Gilda. Other people are simply impressed with my new clothes and by "how good my color looks". So, with them, am I. That is not fake. I do look "good" and I feel richly blessed to still be able to work and kid and en-joy the day. I love hearing other people's stories more than telling my own anyway.

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