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October 19, 2014


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Nok Huk

Happy birthday, Wendy

Polly Leshan

So glad to wish you a Happy Year 61!,
Polly Leshan


I'm late to the party but happy birthday!

Ronni Gordon

Happy birthday!, You look great. I just had my 60th in August and although I told some people I didn't feel great about being "that old," they reminded me that we who have been a lot need to celebrate that we got to this milestone. So celebrate I did.

wei chong

Wendy, thank you for all the posts you've helped me for the past nine years. This latest post, on your birthday, meant a lot to me.

Happy Birthday. Happy Healthy Survivors' Day.


Nancy Priolo

Happy Birthday, Dr. Harpham!!

~Nancy Priolo

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