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November 13, 2015


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Jeanne M Hannah

Wendy, thank you for this statement, which addresses so much of what other cancer survivors face (addressing the dichotomy of "why me" and survivor guilt): "This milestone is remarkable and wonderful and, well, worth celebrating."

You are so right on both counts! Remarkable and wonderful and worth celebrating. Thank the gods that be that there are clinical trials and that you were a determined young mother and doctor seeking to find a cure for yourself and willing to be one of the first "mice" to be in the trial. And thank you for being the spirit behind healthy survivorship, which surely inspires many people around the globe.

Best, Jeanne


Developing cancer seems at first glance not to be something worth celebrating the anniversary of. But, being alive long enough to have an anniversary is definitely worth celebrating. I, too, am thankful that you've reached this milestone and have spent so much time & energy helping cancer patients and doctors understand each other, and helping survivors thrive. Here's to 25 more anniversaries for you!

Julie Shrell

I am so glad you acknowledge this amazing day 25 years later! If you hadn't had cancer, I would not have had the opportunity to be inspired and comforted by your knowledge and support when I was diagnosed 5 short years ago. I am thankful for you and your strength, courage and kindness and wish for you 25 more years of good health, mindfulness and doing what makes YOU happy and fulfilled. You helped me with each of these.

Wishing you continued good health and sending hugs your way,

Brenda Casey

I remember this milestone vividly. 25 yrs ago I was an oncology nurse that was fighting a battle , my husband was diagnosed with cancer as well. I understood you as a physician, mother, wife, and cancer patient. You were strong and determined with 3 small children. You were courageous when you had to go into the hospital or had side effects that made you weak and vulnerable to infections. You appreciated the care you got then you write about all of it. You have help thousands of cancer patients and families with your books filled with insight and wisdom from your personal journey. Celebrate? Yes you should, this it's been an amazing although painful journey! I am so very proud of you and glad I was part of your amazing journey all these years.

Rosalyn Zakheim

Mazel tov.

Donna Muller

At AA, they say "one day at a time" as a chore and difficulty to grind through each day without taking a drink. But your "day at a time" adage is a joyful one, encouraging cancer survivors to enjoy, savor and appreciate the beauty of each moment and day of life whenever possible. Congratulations and happiness always.

Wendy S. Harpham, M.D.

Thanks for all the comments. After my ambivalence, I am glad I decided to post. With gratitude and hope, Wendy

Debbie Fosdick

I am so grateful and happy that you are with us. Congratulations on 25 years of life!

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